Increased Choice

Many students studying in Manchester, particularly post-graduates and students from overseas, choose to stay in Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) because it is often more convenient, peaceful and tailored to the needs of students today.

The numbers of full-time students at the three City of Manchester Higher Education Institutions (The University of Manchester, The Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal Northern College of Music) have increased by more than a third (+37%) since the Millennium and total student numbers are now close to their highest ever levels with a total of 65,550 full-time students in 2017/18.

Alternative to Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

There is a significant gap between the availability of purpose-built student accommodation and demand for it across the City of Manchester. Almost 30,000 full-time students are currently not able to be housed in purpose-built student accommodation and are largely housed in private-rented accommodation across the city.

The structure of demand for and provision of student accommodation by Higher Education Institution and across the City of Manchester is shown in the table below. Student numbers are based on data from the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA). The latest data comes from the 2017/18 academic year when full-time student numbers for the three Higher Education Institutions in Manchester were: University of Manchester 36,650 students, Manchester Metropolitan University 27,970 students and the Royal Northern College of Music 930 students.

By developing PBSA, we are providing an alternative to the use of HMOs which could instead be used as family homes.

Supporting Manchester’s universities and economy

In total, students in Higher Education in Manchester spend more than £1.6 billion per year with more than £750 million of this being off-campus expenditure. Overseas students are estimated to spend almost £210 million off-campus annually.

The combined economic impact of the three Manchester Higher Education Institutions on the City of Manchester is estimated to represent 5.2% of total economic output.

The three Higher Education Institutions in Manchester employ directly more than 19,000 people including almost 8,000 academic and 7,500 non-academic staff. This total represents 7.4% of the city’s employed workforce.

Spending in the local area by the students who will live at the Church Inn development is estimated to be between £300,000 and £400,000 per year.