Frequently Asked Questions

When will you submit a planning application ?

Before submitting a planning application, Alumno Group first likes to hear the views of the local community. Once local people had the chance to comment on our proposals, the application was amended with a view to reaching committee by the end of July 2019.

How long would the build take?

We would anticipate that it will take approximately 12-16 months to demolish the existing structure and construct the new building. This is subject to change.

Where will residents park?

No students, with the exception of students with disabilities, will be allowed to bring vehicles to the site or park locally. Students will not be permitted to bring cars to the site under the terms of the tenancy agreement. This will include a restriction to park within the local residences as set out within a plan in their tenancy agreements. This will be monitored by the onsite staff, and local residents will be able to report any concerns.

Students will be will be encouraged to use more sustainable means of transport, such as cycling, walking and buses.

What about on moving days?

Moving days will be a managed process over two weekends each academic year. To stagger arrivals, each student will be advised of a date and time to take up occupancy of their room.

During moving days, we will provide an increased management presence and in order to minimise disruption we provide a methodical approach to the appointment times that students can arrive and unload and send them a supporting information pack relating to nearby unloading positions and public transport routes.

Why not re-open the pub?

Unfortunately, the Church Inn pub was closed by owners JW Lees when they could not find permanent management staff. The building was subsequently sold to Alumno Group, a specialist student accommodation provider.

How will the community benefit from these plans?

In its current derelict state, the site has attracted anti-social behaviour, including drug taking and vandalism, as well as rough sleeping. This type of activity poses a threat to the safety of the local community. Alumno Groups’ proposals for the Church Inn site will help remove this threat by removing the derelict pub and placing a modern building in its place, equipped with CCTV and on-site staff.

Further, there will be active use of the ground floor area of the building as our plans include a communal space and reception. Increased footfall in this area will also help to deter anti-social behaviour.

How will you ensure that noise and disturbance from residents is kept to a minimum?

It is proposed the site will be managed by a dedicated Property Manager from Monday to Friday during office hours and supported by maintenance and cleaning staff. Outside of office hours, on-site wardens and an out-of-hours call centre will be able to deal with any emergencies relating to anti-social behaviour and security. We will put in place a responsive security service to support wardens in any emergencies. Wardens will be able to personally attend to matters outside of business hours on a 24/7 basis.

Whilst we aim to create a welcoming environment for students, any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and any residents breaching the clear and strict rules and regulations outlined within their tenancy agreement will lose their accommodation.

To help prevent anti-social behaviour, the building’s amenity areas will be subject to a curfew at night. This will be managed by the Wardens on site. There will also be CCTV cameras covering these amenity areas as well as around the perimeter of the building to increase surveillance of students in and around the property.

The management team will also maintain an open dialogue with local residents to ensure that any issues or concerns can be addressed. The team will actively seek to engage with local tenants, residents associations and community organisations.