Local Benefits

Purpose-built student accommodation ensures students live in the right type of accommodation, freeing up large houses for local families.

The currently vacant Church Inn site attracts unwanted anti-social, this development would provide a modern feel with natural surveillance.

Alumno are looking to include GPS wayfinding technology within the development to assist visually impaired individuals navigate their surroundings.

As part of the proposals Alumno will setup a new Community Benefit Fund with One Manchester towards local projects, and agree a level of financial contributions for local education, health and transport.

The proposals aim to provide an abundance of shared space for local communities to enjoy.

Spending in the local area by the students of the proposed development would equate to an estimated £420,000 per annum.

Site Management

  • The development will be managed by a Dedicated Property Manager and supported by maintenance and cleaning staff
  • Outside of office hours, On-site Wardens & an Out-Of-Hours Phone Line will be able to deal with any emergencies or issues with anti-social behaviour
  • Strict rules will be set for students making clear that Anti-Social Behaviour Will Not Be Tolerated
  • CCTV will ensure the site is kept safe and secure

No students, with the exception of students with disabilities, will be allowed to bring a vehicle to the site or park locally. Moving days will be a managed process over two weekends each academic year. To stagger arrivals, each student will be advised of a date and time to arrive.

On-site cycle parking will be provided within the development to encourage sustainable transport amongst students.

How We Have Changed The Proposals

We have listened carefully to all feedback submitted on the previous proposals and would like to thank everyone who took part in the last consultation. From the feedback received, it was clear there is local concern regarding the size and height of the proposals and the impact on neighbouring properties. The proposals have been updated to reflect this.


The Site Today

The Church Inn pub site on Cambridge Street is a vacant site within the Manchester Metropolitan University campus boundary and just a five-minute walk from the University of Manchester, making it an ideal location for a well-managed student accommodation development.

The Church Inn pub closed in 2016 after the owners were unable to source new management and has now been left vacant.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The vacant site has attracted anti-social behaviour, including drug taking and vandalism. This type of behaviour is not welcome in the local community and poses local safety concerns. The redevelopment of the site into a modern, well-maintained and managed student accommodation development will significantly improve the look and feel of the site.