Alumno is a property company specialising in developing student housing who are looking to redevelop the former Church Inn Pub at 84 Cambridge Street into student accommodation. Alumno are looking give local residents an opportunity to view the emerging plans and designs and gain any feedback ahead of the submission of a planning application.

As you may know, we previously put forward proposals earlier this year for a student accommodation scheme on the site. We are thankful for the feedback we received and have extensively reviewed the proposals.

Alumno Group are pleased to have submitted the full planning application, and are awaiting the decision by the end of July 2019.

Who are Alumno?

Alumno is a property company which specialises in developing student housing. We were  established in 2006 and work in partnership with universities, colleges and other key  stakeholders to provide homes across major student towns and cities.

Our vision is to create communities that appeal to a diverse range of students, while providing both sustainable and affordable accommodation.